Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Malala, the girl who stood up for education and changed the world, by Malala Yousafzai and Patricia McCormick

"If they wanted to kill me they should have done it in 2009" 

-Malala Yousafzai

Malala always wanted to be educated and have a productive job, she always wanted other kids to have and education and get a productive job. When she finally was able to get herself speaking out to the public about girls education, something finally got in her way. The Taliban had started there brainwashing. Malala never gave up, Malala didn't even stop fighting for whats right when she was shot. 

Follow the amazing life of Malala Yousafzai's as she fights for what is right and what she loves.

Author: Malala Yousafzai and Patricia McCormick
Genre: non-fiction
Publisher: Indigo (2014)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dancing in the dark by Robyn Bavati

" I said No Yehudit, You will not dance! That is final!"(from Book)

Ditty lives in a household where you could not wear clothes that showed skin, where you couldn't turn the light on at Shabbos, You couldn't even celebrate Christmas. So when Ditty asked if she could start ballet, you can only guess what happened. Ditty was so upset she slipped out of the house on Shabbos and enrolled her self in dance. Her life was taken over then. Is Ditty able to keep dancing a secret, or will she be revealed.  

This is also the most amazing book I've ever read. So please go and read it!

Author: Robyn Bavati
Publisher: Flux (2013)
Genre: realistic fiction

Pirouette by Robyn Bavati

" Identical twins, Hannah and Simone Pirouette into each others lives..."(from back of book)

Simone was raised a dancer, but she really hates performing. Hannah, who wants to do nothing but dance, can't take it seriously because her parents see it as just a hobby. But when Hannah's parents finally let her go to Candance, She sees her chance. Will Hannah and Simone be found out or will They both live the dreams they had thought would not be possible. Find out by reading this book now!!!

I was so amazed by this book, I read it withing 2 hours! I defiantly recommend this book to any one who likes to dance, or even if you just like a good identity swap!

Author: Robyn Bavati
Publisher: Llwellyn Worldwide (2013)
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Grace's Twist, by Melissa J. Morgan (the 3rd book in the camp confidential series)

"Grace took a deep breath, of course Emily wouldn't be mad. Emily understood how hard it was for Grace to write..." 

After Grace puts down her pen, she starts to doubt what she had just said, would Emily understand. Grace had been under pressure lately due to her F- i her reading exam and her parents making her read 2, you hear that 2 books during the summer. and Since visiting day her parents have made her email them to tell them how far she was through the book... but if she hadn't finished the first one by the next Sunday she would not be able to audition for the camp play. Will Grace get the book read, figure out the the problems with the girl from 3A, and be the main character in the play; Peter Pan!

Author: Melissa J Morgan
Publisher: Penguin Group 
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Spring Reading Slot:  Another Free Choise

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Fizzy Orange Soft Drink by Janet Slater Bottin

" Just the thing to quench her thirst on this hot and sunny day"(from book)

After Miss Jenny bought the soft drink, the fizzy orange soft, she just about to quench her thirst until... she turned the cap, she turned and turned but the cap would not come off. Then a magpie found the soft drink, the fizzy orange soft drink, she was just about to quench her thirst until... she pecked the cap she pecked and pecked but the cap stayed fixed and firm and tight! And you could imagine what happens next; a cat, a dog, a boy... but wait, he shook the bottle, bubble, bubble, then turned the cap without much trouble....


A black ant found the soft drink the pool of orange soft drink...

Author:Janet Slater Bottin
Publisher: Scholastic NZ (2001)
Genre: Children's
Spring Reading Slot: Be a hero! Read to a younger child!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dork Diaries, Drama Queen, Tales from a not-so-fabulous-life, By Rachel Renée Russell (#9 in the Dork Diaries Series).

"This diary belongs to:

Nikki J. Maxwell
MacKenzie Holister"(from back of book)

OMG! Someone stole my diary and I don't know how many detentions I would get if the principle found it!! Join MacKenzie Holister on her journey to destroy Nikki's life by cyber-bullying on her Miss know it all new column and of course telling everyone about Nikki's biggest and deepest, darkest secrets...

Will Nikki Get her diary back...........?

Author: Rachel Renée Russell
Publisher: Aladdin (2015)
Genre: Diaries
Spring Reading slot: Read a book published in 2013-2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Three Cups Of Tea By David Oliver Relin (Young Readers Edition)

"One mans journey to change the world, one child at a time..."(from Back Of Book)

When Greg's attempt to climb K2 fails miserably, he finds himself in a small village called Korphe with no school, no police and no doctor. Greg feels really sorry for the people living there. When he sees the way the kids learn in Korphe he promises to come back and and build them a school. But little does Greg know that soon he would save the education of kids, fill people with clean water and help the people of Pakistan in his own business called the CAI.

Follow Greg along his journey around Pakistan as he gets married, kidnapped and become a world known hero!...

Author: David Oliver Relin
Publisher: Puffin Books (2009)
Genre: non-fiction
Spring Reading Slot: Celebrate Spring – read a book with green on the cover or in the title

Jenna's Dilemma, Camp Confidential By Melissa J. Morgan (#2 in the Camp Confidential Series)

"My family and I have been coming to this camp for years, but this year I wouldn't mind being alone for once."(from Back Of Book)

Jenna Bloom is a Lakeview legacy. Jenna always thought it was cool having siblings at camp... but not this year. With the trouble with her parents Jenna is having a a hard time a camp this year. When she sees all her sibling having fun she is jealous and mad at them for not feeling what shes feeling. But when she pulls the biggest prank of Lakeview time, she gets in major trouble having to bring her mother in to talk to the manager of camp makes her feel very small and powerless. But then Jenna realizes that all her sibling have been reacting their parents situation in their own way....

Will she forgive her siblings or leave them hanging...?

Author: Melissa J. Morgan
Publisher: Turtheback (2005)
Genre:Realistic Fiction
Spring Reading slot: Free Choice

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Reading Updates

Hello Everyone!

In my reading world I have been reading at least 30 minutes a night and been checking my blog twice a week. The most recent book I have read was Natalie's secret, The first book in the Camp Confidential series (read the post below). The book I am reading at the moment is the second book in the Camp Confidential series, Jenna's Dilemma. At school my whole class is currently reading a book called "Three Cups Of Tea" by David Oliver Relin and Greg Mortenson for our novel study this term. From what we have herd it is about how Greg Mortonson gets lost on the mountain K2, and finds himself in a poor village. When He finds out how bad the "school" is he promises to come back and build a real school. I am really exited to study this book, I think it will be very interesting. I hope you all have been enjoying my reading blog, I will keep posting!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Camp Confidential, Natalie's Secret By Melisa J. Morgan (the first in the Camp Confidential series)

"Camp Lakeveiw, Ugh"

From Back Of book

When Natalie finds out she is being sent Camp Lake-Puke (as Natalie calls it), she stats begging her mother to bring her with her to Europe, but her mother's word was final... Natalie was being sent to summer camp.

Join Natalie on the biggest adventure of her life, where she learns how to identify poison ivy and even finds love. But love can't be the key to everything...

Activity: Make a timeline for the changes of main character of your story:

Author:Melisa J. Morgan
Publisher: Spotlight (2006)
Genre: Realistic Fiction

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Up A Road Slowly by Irene Hunt

" Julie would remember happy days at Aunt Cordelia's forever" (From back of book)

When Julie overcomes the illness that struck her mother down she is feeling very week, so she has to stay at her Aunt Cordelia's House until high school. When she finds out her older sister Laura is getting married she feels a stroke of jealously, realizing that she is not in the number one spot.
During her life at her Aunt Cordelia's she experiences good and bad things, such as a classmate dying, her brother being sent to boarding school and finding out about her aunts love life.

Activity: List 3 pieces of advice that you learnt form the book.
1. Never judge someone by their looks
2. People aren't always what they seem
3. Things always get better

Author: Irene Hunt
Genre: Realistic fiction

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Charlotte's Web By E.B. White

"I don't want to die! screamed Wilbur, You shall not die, said Charlotte briskly. What? Really! Who's going to save me? I am, said Charlotte." ( from book )

When Fern finds joy with her new baby pig Wilbur, the news she is dreading to hear comes; She must sell Wilbur to her uncle Homer Zuckerman.  When her uncle gets hold of the pig for only $10 Fern Decides to visit the barn and see Wilbur everyday. When Wilbur meets Charlotte they become best friends and Fern can understand animals. Will Charlotte save Wilbur from becoming crispy bacon?

Activity: Make a poster to capture your audience.

Author: E.B. White
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton (1952)
Illustrator: Garth Williams
Genre: Children's Ficton

The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman

Join The Queen as she has an amazing adventure with the dwarfs of the mountain!

When the queen hears about a curse set on the entire world said to put everyone into a deep sleep she has to find a way to save the people of her kingdom, but what will her fiance say...
Join the Queen on her adventure through mountain ranges and zombie towns as she finds out secret stories about a witch in a far away kingdom who guards a sleeping princes! Will she find out who set the curse?

My activity was to make a logo for my book:

I made this logo because the book is pretty intense. There is sword fighting, magic, zombies and giant spiders so I thought that the sword cross would do perfectly!

Author: Neil Gaiman
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (2014)
Genre: Fairy Tale/Mystry

Monday, May 25, 2015

Operation Bunny by (first in the wings and co series).

" How would you like it if you were a slave to your adoptive parents?"

When Emily Vole is left in a hat box in the middle of the airport she is put up for adoption, she is adopted by the beautiful Daisy Dashwood and her husband Ronald. When Emily Vole meets Miss Ottaline String Miss String wants to teach her everything. Will Emily find out who her parents are or will she have to live with the Dashwoods all her life?

I Designed a new front cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author: Sally Gardener
Publisher: Oakhill Publishing
Genre: Mystery/Magic Fantsy

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The School For Good And Evil, A World Without Princes by Soman Chainani

"Because sometimes the princess and the witch don't look like they do in the fairy tales!"(from back of book)

After Sophie and Agatha return home Sophie's father is going to be wed to Hanora, an ugly plump woman with no neck. The night before the wedding Sophie sees the ugly old witch she used to be at school so she decides to give in to the fact that her father is marrying. After Sophie is attacked by raining fire tip arrows she has to hide in the church with Agatha until it stops, only to find it does't. Sophie and Agatha must go back to the School for Good and Evil, but is it the School for Good and Evil...

Sophie and Agatha are stuck in the school for girls, Agatha is only dreaming for her prince again. The only way to save the School for Good and Evil in to kiss him, but it won't only save the school...

Activity: Design a Collage.

Author: Soman Chainani
Publisher: Harper Collins (2014)
Genre: Intense Fairytale

Thursday, May 7, 2015

The 13-Storey Tree house by Andy Griffiths (first in the Tree house series)

" What are you waiting for come on up!" (from back of book)

In Andy and Terry's 13-storey tree house there's not just a bowling alley, swimming pool and man eating shark tank but there's also a science lab a lemonade fountain and a room full of pillows. Andy and Terry haven't written and illustrated a book for 1 whole year when their boss Mr. Big Nose said they had to have one in by the last Friday. 

Will Andy and Terry have to back to the house?

An absolute bird brain
Never wants to go back to the monkey house 
Doing the writing
 Yelling at Terry to start drawing
Total dork
Even another dork could trick him
Really good at drawing
Really good at eating
Yikes! he has lots of todos

Author: Andy Griffiths
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia (2011)
Genre: Juvenile Fiction

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani (first book in the School for Good and Evil series)

"Sophie waited all her life to be kidnapped..."(from Back Of book)

Every 4 years, 2 children are stolen away from Gavaldon, to the School for Good and Evil. They are never to return to Gavaldon ever again. Sophie has dream't all her life to be taken away to the School for Good, but the school master has different plans...
After Sophie lies to her "true" love Tedros, he never wants to see her again. But then he looks closer into Agatha and sees his real happy ending...

Sophie and her best friend Agatha find a way to get home, will they get there in the end?

Activity: Choose one character and tell how she changes during the story. During the book Mostly every single person changes in a way. I chose Sophie though. Sophie changes in a lot of ways. 1. In the very beginning of the book Sophie was practically a village princess, at the end she is a very very very evil witch (Literally!). At the beginning Sophie is really pretty and at the end is an ugly old hag (Literally!). Thank you and I really hope you read this and ask someone to turn it into a movie.

Author: Soman Chainani
Publisher: HarperCollins (2013)
Genre: Fairy Tale
Website: (be a student at the school for good and evil!)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Lily By Holly Webb (first in the Lily Series)

"Magic will always find a way"

(from Back Of Book)

Lily lives in a world where magic is outlawed, where her mother is secretly training her sister Georgiana  in magic. When Lily finds out her mothers evil plot she's not the only one that's scared. She and Georgiana must leave the house at Merrythought and go hide in the city. On the way Lily and Georgiana have the most amazing adventure...

What character would I most like to be friends:
The character I would most likely be friends with is probably Georgiana Powers. 1. She is closest to my age. 2. She loves to act and so do I. And finally 3.  she has blonde hair like mine.

Author: Holly Webb
Publisher: Orchard Books UK (2011)
Genre: Magic Fantsy

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Friday Barnes Girl Detective By R. A. Spratt ( first in the Friday Barnes Series )

" Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was a 11-year-old girl!" (From Back Of Book)

When Friday Barnes was rejected from university (she is only eleven!) her only choice was to go to high school. So after she solves a bank robbery and wins $50.000 she uses it to go to Highcrest Academy (a fancy posh money based boarding school). When Friday arrives she realizes that the school is actually a hotbed of crime and soon she is solving everyone's problems, even solving the mystery of the yeti running round the swamp!

"Will Friday Solve all Highcrest Academy's many crimes including the biggest one of all
-whats the point in high school?" 
 (from Back of Book)

Activity: I had to choose 1 color that would explain my book and explain why I chose that color. My color: Light Brown. Explanation: I chose the color brown because, 1. it is the color of all Friday's cardigans. 2. brown suits a mystery. 3.  Brown is just an all round plain dull color, Friday is just a plain, dull girl (in a good way).

Author: R. A. Spratt
Publisher: Random House in Australia (2014)
Genre: Mystery