Friday, April 24, 2015

Lily By Holly Webb (first in the Lily Series)

"Magic will always find a way"

(from Back Of Book)

Lily lives in a world where magic is outlawed, where her mother is secretly training her sister Georgiana  in magic. When Lily finds out her mothers evil plot she's not the only one that's scared. She and Georgiana must leave the house at Merrythought and go hide in the city. On the way Lily and Georgiana have the most amazing adventure...

What character would I most like to be friends:
The character I would most likely be friends with is probably Georgiana Powers. 1. She is closest to my age. 2. She loves to act and so do I. And finally 3.  she has blonde hair like mine.

Author: Holly Webb
Publisher: Orchard Books UK (2011)
Genre: Magic Fantsy

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Friday Barnes Girl Detective By R. A. Spratt ( first in the Friday Barnes Series )

" Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was a 11-year-old girl!" (From Back Of Book)

When Friday Barnes was rejected from university (she is only eleven!) her only choice was to go to high school. So after she solves a bank robbery and wins $50.000 she uses it to go to Highcrest Academy (a fancy posh money based boarding school). When Friday arrives she realizes that the school is actually a hotbed of crime and soon she is solving everyone's problems, even solving the mystery of the yeti running round the swamp!

"Will Friday Solve all Highcrest Academy's many crimes including the biggest one of all
-whats the point in high school?" 
 (from Back of Book)

Activity: I had to choose 1 color that would explain my book and explain why I chose that color. My color: Light Brown. Explanation: I chose the color brown because, 1. it is the color of all Friday's cardigans. 2. brown suits a mystery. 3.  Brown is just an all round plain dull color, Friday is just a plain, dull girl (in a good way).

Author: R. A. Spratt
Publisher: Random House in Australia (2014)
Genre: Mystery