Thursday, May 7, 2015

The 13-Storey Tree house by Andy Griffiths (first in the Tree house series)

" What are you waiting for come on up!" (from back of book)

In Andy and Terry's 13-storey tree house there's not just a bowling alley, swimming pool and man eating shark tank but there's also a science lab a lemonade fountain and a room full of pillows. Andy and Terry haven't written and illustrated a book for 1 whole year when their boss Mr. Big Nose said they had to have one in by the last Friday. 

Will Andy and Terry have to back to the house?

An absolute bird brain
Never wants to go back to the monkey house 
Doing the writing
 Yelling at Terry to start drawing
Total dork
Even another dork could trick him
Really good at drawing
Really good at eating
Yikes! he has lots of todos

Author: Andy Griffiths
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia (2011)
Genre: Juvenile Fiction


  1. This book sounds hilarious. Both of my children enjoy Andy Griffiths books too. Did you know that Andy came up with the Everyday Epic and Bad Mommy activities? He would be such a fun English teacher.

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