Sunday, June 21, 2015

Up A Road Slowly by Irene Hunt

" Julie would remember happy days at Aunt Cordelia's forever" (From back of book)

When Julie overcomes the illness that struck her mother down she is feeling very week, so she has to stay at her Aunt Cordelia's House until high school. When she finds out her older sister Laura is getting married she feels a stroke of jealously, realizing that she is not in the number one spot.
During her life at her Aunt Cordelia's she experiences good and bad things, such as a classmate dying, her brother being sent to boarding school and finding out about her aunts love life.

Activity: List 3 pieces of advice that you learnt form the book.
1. Never judge someone by their looks
2. People aren't always what they seem
3. Things always get better

Author: Irene Hunt
Genre: Realistic fiction

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