Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dork Diaries, Drama Queen, Tales from a not-so-fabulous-life, By Rachel Renée Russell (#9 in the Dork Diaries Series).

"This diary belongs to:

Nikki J. Maxwell
MacKenzie Holister"(from back of book)

OMG! Someone stole my diary and I don't know how many detentions I would get if the principle found it!! Join MacKenzie Holister on her journey to destroy Nikki's life by cyber-bullying on her Miss know it all new column and of course telling everyone about Nikki's biggest and deepest, darkest secrets...

Will Nikki Get her diary back...........?

Author: Rachel Renée Russell
Publisher: Aladdin (2015)
Genre: Diaries
Spring Reading slot: Read a book published in 2013-2015

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