Sunday, August 2, 2015

Reading Updates

Hello Everyone!

In my reading world I have been reading at least 30 minutes a night and been checking my blog twice a week. The most recent book I have read was Natalie's secret, The first book in the Camp Confidential series (read the post below). The book I am reading at the moment is the second book in the Camp Confidential series, Jenna's Dilemma. At school my whole class is currently reading a book called "Three Cups Of Tea" by David Oliver Relin and Greg Mortenson for our novel study this term. From what we have herd it is about how Greg Mortonson gets lost on the mountain K2, and finds himself in a poor village. When He finds out how bad the "school" is he promises to come back and build a real school. I am really exited to study this book, I think it will be very interesting. I hope you all have been enjoying my reading blog, I will keep posting!

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