Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Grace's Twist, by Melissa J. Morgan (the 3rd book in the camp confidential series)

"Grace took a deep breath, of course Emily wouldn't be mad. Emily understood how hard it was for Grace to write..." 

After Grace puts down her pen, she starts to doubt what she had just said, would Emily understand. Grace had been under pressure lately due to her F- i her reading exam and her parents making her read 2, you hear that 2 books during the summer. and Since visiting day her parents have made her email them to tell them how far she was through the book... but if she hadn't finished the first one by the next Sunday she would not be able to audition for the camp play. Will Grace get the book read, figure out the the problems with the girl from 3A, and be the main character in the play; Peter Pan!

Author: Melissa J Morgan
Publisher: Penguin Group 
Genre: Realistic Fiction
Spring Reading Slot:  Another Free Choise

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Fizzy Orange Soft Drink by Janet Slater Bottin

" Just the thing to quench her thirst on this hot and sunny day"(from book)

After Miss Jenny bought the soft drink, the fizzy orange soft, she just about to quench her thirst until... she turned the cap, she turned and turned but the cap would not come off. Then a magpie found the soft drink, the fizzy orange soft drink, she was just about to quench her thirst until... she pecked the cap she pecked and pecked but the cap stayed fixed and firm and tight! And you could imagine what happens next; a cat, a dog, a boy... but wait, he shook the bottle, bubble, bubble, then turned the cap without much trouble....


A black ant found the soft drink the pool of orange soft drink...

Author:Janet Slater Bottin
Publisher: Scholastic NZ (2001)
Genre: Children's
Spring Reading Slot: Be a hero! Read to a younger child!